Game projects

Battlefield Heroes that i worked on for 8 months from Easy studios


Have made 8 games at my shool the GameAssembly, here are 5 of them.

Void war
8 weeks half time , 4 artist 4 programmers,
This game was the third game we made at school.
I did alla the greyshaded ships, the last boss ship you see at the end, the spacestations with laser canons, the greenhouses with the hexagonpattern.



Champion’s Quest
8 weeks half time
Game i made in my first year at thegameassembly. I created the hero hamster and the last boss and the robo you get at the end. And all animations except 1 or 2 mobs.
4 programers and 4 artists



10 weeks on halftime
4 artists and 5 programmers
I was responsible for the all characters except one, all towers, your starting base. and the jungle environment ground texture you see at the start



Sheerwood smackdown
8 weeks halftime
4 programmers 4 artists
I made the startscreen the logotyp, the jester priest, the pumking mage, and the human mage and the animations to those characters(walk, attack, idle,  heal, fireball, waterball, etc, and all deathanimation etc)





Raiders of the Galactic North
8 weeks halftime
5 programmers and 5 artists
I was responsible  for all the skyboxes, and some ships